Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Belated Mothers Day

Oh Boy, good thing for a computer. For me to express my feeling for my mother vocally would be a feat, to much sobbing. Anyhow I sometimes tell Gavin about my mom. He was only about 1-1/2 when she died and I'm sure he can't remember her. I get choked up and can't tell him much. My mother was so great. She was always on our side no matter what. I always knew that whatever I got myself into or whatever I did. She would always love me, no matter what. This wasn't something she explained to me, just something that I knew. I miss having her around so much. Sometimes when we need a babysitter I always wish that my mother was around. She would be so happy to watch the kids and would love them to death. This time of year my mom would always be outside planting flowers, working in the garden, etc. She loved to be outside working. She could outwork anybody. She would get up early, sometimes at 4:30 a.m., I think that this was the only time she had to herself. She would get a lot done before we even started stirring. She never wore shoes outside and would get big calluses on her heels that would crack open. My mother never complained. She had cancer for 11 years and didn't complain about it. I makes me so upset when I deal with people that are constantly complaining about little things. My mother fought the cancer to the end, she did not want to go, she enjoyed life so much, and especially her boys.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Gavins Kindergarten Graduation

Gavin graduated from Kindergarten. I told him the he was lucky because so many don't. He looked at me with that a smile and said "daaaad". That same smile that drove my mom nuts. That same smile that my mom saw and knew that I was up to no good. That same smile that Heather has come to recognize all to well. I can't believe how fast these kids grow. We buy shoes as often as we pay bills. They had a program at Fiddlers Elementary and they all were so cute. My Dad and Cheree were there along with Heather's Mom.

Here are some more pictures of Gemma. She is growing fast. They seem to lose that newborn look pretty quick. She is gaining weight and isn't yellow any more. The kids love her and can't stop touching and kissing her. Heather is also doing well and is "looking well" to.