Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hallies Birthday and Easter

Our little Hallie Margaret Carter turned 3 years old on March 23, 2008. I can't believe that she is that old already, although she does act like she is 17. We had a big family shindig at our house and invited both sides of our families. It was also Easter, one of the ealiest Easters in history. The kids got to much candy, again.
Heathers Grandpa and Grandma (Tim and "granny" Eileen Boyce) were in town before the party and visited.
All of Heathers family came and My dad and Sheree came along with my brother Luke and his wife Mandy and there daughter Brindee. We had a good time. I cooked hamburgers and Heather made her "famous" potato salad. Everybody filled up and we watched a slide show of our family pictures and Hallie opened all of her presents. She was very excited to get a scooter, like her brothers.
We then hid Easter eggs in the back yard and all of the kids had a good time finding them. Gavin found most of the cash eggs and collected $15. It was a beautiful day and we all spent time outside in the back yard.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Zions Trip

Heather had a doctors appointment in St. George so we all went with. While Heather was at her appointment Gavin, Hallie and I went to the temple and walked around the grounds and through the visitors center. It was a beautiful day and the temple grounds were already a bloom. We walked back to the Womens clinic and Heather was done. Everything seems to be going well. Heather now sees the doctor every week until she has it. Well find out in the next week if we will be having the baby C-Section or natural. So we will have the baby within the next 3 to 6 weeks.

We then decided to drive through Zions National Park. It was very nice in the park. Gavin and Hallie had never been through the tunnel so we took them through. We stopped near the Lodge and Gavin and I hiked up the to a waterfall.

We all then went and watched a movie, Trip Around the World. At the giant screen theatre near the entrance to the park. We all had a very enjoyable day. Not to much bickering and fighting. We bought a pass for all of the National parks so we can use it at Yellowstone this fall and hopefully several other parks during the summer.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heathers Birthday

Today is Heathers 35th birthday. Where has the time gone. Heather and I met when she was 27 and I was 25. We lived just 2 houses away from each other but somehow we never saw one another. I know this because I would have remembered.

The first time I saw Heather was at Church. It was fast and testimony meeting and Heather got up and bore her testimony. I don't remember what she said. But I do remember saying to myself " Why couldn't a guy like me, end up with a girl like her". Lo an behold Heather taught our gospel doctrine class.

At the time I was pretty disappointed in the selection of young ladies I had association with. I had gone on a mission and wrestled 2 years in Wyoming. During this time it seemed most women my age had married. I felt that I was left to choose from younger girls that seemed immature to me.

Heather was not immature at all and was so positive and sure of herself. She had lived in Hawaii, served a Mission to England and had been very busy. She knew what she wanted and was well on her way.

I tried to have a friend of mine have her call me. She told him that if I wanted to talk to her then I should call her. I did and our first date was at my families Cabin. We had a great time and Heather kissed me. She will deny this but she was rather aggressive. From that moment on we have been inseparable.

I joke with Heather that when her Dad died I felt bad and asked her to marry me. I knew I wanted to marry her from the get go. Heather has helped me to achieve so much. We are a great team. We fit together and where I'm weak she is strong and vice versa.

We have two beautiful children, and one on the way. I love her so much for going through the pain of having our children.

Heather, thank your for all that you do. You are me best friend. My lover. A wonderful mother. A great companion. And a million other things.

Happy Birthday, you only get more beautiful to me as time goes by. Love, Travis

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What the Heck!!!

Well yesterday was like a spring day. I worked in the yard and got a lot of stuff done. I was excited as it seemed that Spring was on its way.

We woke up this morning and we couldn't believe our eyes. There was about 1" of snow on the ground and it was snowing steadily. It has been snowing non stop all day. So far we have about 4" of snow.

Heather and I cleaned out our Study, along with our bedroom dressers and nightstands. We threw away about 5 trash bags of old college papers, textbooks etc. and we filled up a big box to give the DI.

I was going to be out with my brothers near Indian Peaks huntin horns. We usually go out this time of year and pick up shed antlers. I told Heather I wasn't going to go this year as she is so close to having our baby. I'm kind of glad I didn't go now. Usually its sunny and nice weather. I'm sure they didn't have to much fun.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Our First Post

Where to start. Heather is on the brink of "popping". She only has about 4 weeks left before our little girl bundle of joy arrives. Gavin is loving kindergarten. We thought it would wear off but he comes home excited every day. He loves to learn and is crazy excited about learning to read and write. Hallie is a handful. She tears up the house, her room, everybody else's room, the bathroom, etc, etc ........ But she's so darn cute about it. She is excited about the baby coming. She tells her mom "just pop that thing out mom".Travis is nearing the end of his three year stint as a School Resource Officer at Canyon View High School. It keeps him very busy and he loves working with the kids. He will be back on Patrol just after school ends, it will be an adjustment.Heather is working at Real Estate like it ain't no thing. Things are slower but there are still many opportunities out there. The time seems to be right for those who have been waiting for that good deal to come around.Spring is a welcome sight. Were excited about getting a few more chickens to add to our two. Travis revamped the chicken coop and is ready for the new additions.