Tuesday, August 26, 2008

7-23-2008 Yankee Meadows Fishing Trip with Imlays

I've got a fellow police Officer Jed Imlay. We decided to go fishing. Jed has a little boy named Gavin that is also my Gavin's age. After the last fishing trip I worked on Randy's boat and thought I had it working better. The first pull of the motor and the cord snapped. I was able to use the cord to get the motor started and we had a blast. Hallie came along and was nervous at first. Once she got her "Sea Legs" she had a ton of fun. She gave up her Princess pole to Jed, as his broke, and was our official net operator. Both Gavin's caught a fish and I did also. We really enjoyed ourselves. I packed a lunch so we pulled into a little cove and had lunch. Gavin and Gavin went off exploring. I hope to be able to fit in a few more of these trips before it gets to cold.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yankee Meadows Fishing Trip

We went up to Yankee Meadows to do some fishing. I borrowed my brother, Randy's, fishing boat. I couldn't get it to run very good but we had a lot of fun. Heather and Gemma sat on the shore and watched me get very aggravated at the boat. On the way home we took a beautiful picture of the sunset.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Camping at Big Johns Flat

When the Carter boys were young we spent one-to-two weeks camping as a family at Big Johns Flat. For awhile we haven't been going but a few years ago we started and have kept it up. Here are some pictures of the trip. It was fun. Randy, Brent, Luke, Me(Travis), and Matt were all up there including our father, Neal. Also my dad's brother "Uncle John" his wife Vicki and several of there kids (our cousins) came up. We drove to the top of the mountain which is over 13000 ft. We hiked a portion of the Bullion canyon and we drove to Mandy's, Luke's wife, "Special Spot". We also visited the "Ice Caves" where the settlers use to come and cut ice blocks out to use in the valley to keep there stuff cool. We now have our own camp trailer. Its pretty basic but keeps us dry and clean, (versus a tent). I put a big scratch down the side of the truck when we were headed back from the Ice Caves. Gavin and his cousins had a blast at a pond near our camp. They caught frogs, salamanders and polywogs. Then they went for a swim in the nasty water.