Friday, October 29, 2010

Falling Fast

My Dad and his wife Cheree left on a mission to Nauvoo and have been there for two weeks now. check out there blog here. They have to dress in pioneer type clothes. My dad is on a restoration work crew and Cheree is working in the family history center. Were already excited to go and visit them. We have been busy with school, work, cows, and kids. I'm trying to get our milk barn up and running before it gets to cold. Were trying to get certified so we can sell cheese without the Federal Government putting me in prison (he he). Kaden Imlay came over and rough plumbed it the sewer and water. Man when you see a couple of pipes sticking out of the ground you don't appreciate whats going on underneath its a lot harder and complex then you think, Kaden is pretty good and I'm glad to have his help. He has admitted to having a thing for our cow Cinnamon. After I get the floor all framed up I'll pour the floor. We bought a industrial size kettle. Basically a huge self contained pot, for making cheese in. So instead of Heather making 3 or four 4 gallon batches on our kitchen stove she can make one huge batch up to 40 gallons at a time. Now what the heck we going to do with all this cheese. I converted an old fridge into a "Cheese Cave" by moving the thermostat into into the freezer so it thinks that the fridge is colder than it really is. It now stays at 50 degrees. We have a four or five wheels in there aging. It takes a little patience because you make the cheese but can't tell if you screwed it up until about 2 months later, and all the while you might have screwed up a whole bunch more. Ill try and get some pictures posted soon.

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